publicly you sing songs and chant slogans of peace
pivately you incite violence
If we are a christian nation why all the immorality and hypocrisy ?
You shoot and kill aimlessly in the name of mantaining order and peace
why is there even chaos in the cities ?
If you really love us as you claim,why hurt us?
why do that which is endangering our well being?
Have you ever thought of their famillies back home?
Why send off street vendors and confiscating their goods when you’ve not built condusive markets?
Why promis when you cant fufill?
why go on international visits daily while your household is languishing in pain?
why employ civil servants like nurses who will only kill patients?
Why fight amongst yourselves in parliament?
why not fight the hunger and poverty in the nation?
why not knock out the crazy economy crisis we are facing?
why buld schools when you cant provide books,teachers and chalks?
Why not build more shelters for the poor instead of prisons and useless roads?
why have police officers who instead of helping are busy abusing us?
why have prisons and police stations when the people crucifying us are also culprits?
why point fingers when we all are hypocrites,a bunch of thieves and law breakers??



Dear man,
With a heavy heart and burdened soul I seat to larment.
This foolishness has gone beyond saturation point,its time we make it right.
Im sorry but you have lost your way or so it seems.
Pain and regret to me your wife has become a Song,why?
Please answer me!
Remember the day,
That day when you first saw me and your heart kept on punching holes in your rib cage,
Your brains went numb and legs paralyzed,
Your hands glued to your body as your mouth kept on salivating like a hungry orphan outside hungry lion.
Do you Remember ?
That day When i said yes and you were the happiest man,
When you first laid hands on my fragile body and we cuddled,,
as your heart kept racing back and fourth and your brain went bizaz.
Do you still Remember the electric shock experienced when your lips first collided with mine?
The way you danced all night when I first I said loved you?
Do you at least remember the words you said in your manifesto?
“Be mine and I’ll be your man,
Give me the pleasure of being my wife and you I will forever love,,
To you only I will cling,
Till death do us apart”
Dear man!
Why have you fallen?
You no longer love me,why?
You no longer kiss, hold or touch me,
You no longer wish I was yours,why?
Is it that I’ve grown old and the wrinkles on my face have appeared?
Is it that am no longer attractive in your sight or maybe you need another miss right?
I remember,
I remember The day when you last touched me and told me you loved me.
Your hands we’re cold,
You eyes sending darts into my broken body as you constantly and forcefully made love to me.
Your huge masculine body suffocating mine as I repeatedly cried for you to stop.
I remember how much of a beast you have been!
You say you love me,why can’t you show it?
You say its hard, why not at least say it?
Why make me work like a slave in your house as you go party?
Why give me pain and regret when all I’ve given you is love?
Is a bit of love too much to ask for?
Yes??why did you propose in the first place?
Dear man,
Will you please Come back to your senses before I grow tired of your childish games and choose to leave.


if I told you I loved you,
Would you easily accept and be mine?
Would you wait for me to prove my love and show you I am Mr right?
If you were mine then,
Would you love me more than you’ve ever loved yourself??
Would you adore me with your all and treasure me as you would your soul?
If you ever became mine,
If you learnt of my past flaws and realized i wasnt the best lover,
Would you still love me the same?
Would you pray for me to change?
Would you wish our eyes never met and hearts never connected?
If I broke your heart and apologized,
Would you take me back?
Would you also want to hurt me by burning my hands,disconnecting my arteries and breaking my back?
Would you hurt me back?
If by any chance I left,
Would you fly all around the world in pursuit for my love?
Would you hire detectives and sangomas to track me down and bring me back to you?
Tell me!
If I ever fell ill and there was no cure,
Would you still stick around?
Would you feed me and wish upon every shooting star for my quick recovery?
If I was left alone,
If the whole world forsook me,
Would you stay by my side always?
Would you hold my hand and wipe away the layers of sadness crowding my heart?
Would you also leave with them?
If I died today or tomorrow,
Would you still love me?
Would you carry my potrait in your arms and face in memories?
Even if it was for a few seconds,would you want us to meet in your dreams every night?
Would you wish you were also dead or maybe you should have died instead?
Would you wish I stayed a bit longer?
Would you?


How once you were so beautiful,
With a complexion and skin so blissful.
Beautiful eyes so seductive,
Your pink juicy lips saturated of sweetness,
Body made by the finest makers.
With a voice which made the tectonic plates in the earth’s crust shake ,
A morphological structure that made angels wanna escape heaven and marry,
Beautiful heart which made ministers divorce their caring wives and pastors rebel against the scriptures.
Your Long,black curled hair as that of a mermaid,
Short legs and short hands at 40 you still looked like a child.
Wore long beautiful chitenge dresses that like a royal queen you looked.
Damn!you were too good to be man made,
The best in your neighborhood,
An angel,heaven on earth
Gave birth to offsprings that resembled christ,
Hardworking boys and girls that shaped the community,
Inspired young girls to reach for higher standards,
Motivated young boys to sweat for sweet.
Offsprings that everyone wished to have.
with your sweet smelling aroma you attracted billionaires,
Royal Men and women from different lands and calibres,
Kings,queens and presidents,
Pastors, prophets and evangelists.
Oh mary!
How once you were so beautiful,
With thousands of mines,
Impregnable minds of youths who paid no heed to crime,
Innocent souls that knew no drug,
Filled with nothing but principles sent on from our ancestors.
Citizens who knew nothing but love, peace and harmony,
Treated tribal friends as one.
Oh Mary!
How I admired you,
Your courage and peace,
Your irresistible attractive nature,
Now your life is just but pitiful.
Oh Zambia!
Why have you fallen?
Your offsprings now resemble crime,
With no vision or care,
They have abandoned prayer.
Like Cain,
Their hearts with with envy are filled,
Corruption and deceit their daily food,
Your fruitful land and mines sold.
Oh Zambia!
Hunger and pain is the only thing on the children’s faces readable,
Grade 1-7 the only thing affordable,
Both elder’s and young people’s behaviour abominable!
Hopeless, lifeless are mothers in the streets,
Fathers that can no longer buy their children sweets,
Children that can’t afford school so they spend their days having wild sex!
Oh Zambia!
Who shall correct these errors?
Who shall stand up and fight for your dignity?
Who shall hoist your flag tomorrow as everyone abandons you?
Who will make you better and restore your reputation?
Who will water your land,work your mines,build you schools?
Who will rid out all this violence and chaos?
Today’s youths?
Tomorrow’s generation?
We have all lost our way,
We just watch you go to ruins,
Watch you go to dust,
We just seat and watch and the only thing on our minds is,
“Oh Zambia!”


She’s broken,
Beaten,battered and forgotten,
Left for dead,
Red carded like a mango that is rotten.
She has been hurt,
In the name of love she has been misused,
Of her pride and virginity she has been stripped,
Seen as nothing but a joy ride ,after which everyone disperses while she’s left alone to deal with the pain and disgusting memories.
She’s been bruised,raped,
Forsaken and physically abused.
With ugly scars on her forehead and lips,
Tatooes inscribed on her dark skin,
Insults engraved on her once beautiful heart.
Isolated she lives in the streets,
With nothing to eat or drink,
No clothes to wear and lotion to apply,
No papers and so for jobs she can’t appply,
Only her smelly body she can sell to survive.
Called all sorts of names,
I’ll treated by society she wishes she was never born.
Stripped naked in the face of the public for the whole world to see,
Brutally abused and beaten to the point of death for a point to be proven,
Now she’s left lying in the cold,
unable to breath.
They whipped Her to the point of no return this time,
The pain was too much,
she has finally died and crossed over to the other side.
Lifeless and peaceful she now rests.
I wonder,,,
Why is society so good at judging and not helping?
Why is society so good at destroying and not building?
What has society ever done to help build these so called prostitutes?
Has society ever wondered what made them become who they are today?
What has society done?
What have you done to help out such a one?
Instead of publicising their nakedness,why not publicize their helplessness for the whole world to see?
Instead of stripping them naked,tearing the only clothes they have,why not dress them with love and care?
What has the government done?
Why can’t society hold hands wto come up with a solution?
Put your loving daughter in her shoes,only then can you see the cruelty, unjustness and hypocrisy of society.

Dear diary 3(poetry)

WAR (3)
Dear diary
I know its been ages since I sat to write but hope you understand my predicament.
Its not that i forgot about your existance or essence but because Lately I’ve been busy.I’ve been T

oo busy seated on one position with nothing but guns and bullets.
I don’t even remember the taste of food,the way it feels to walk or the way it feels to just seat in the cold refreshing bath tub and forget about life.
Ive forgotten how it feels to have a caring touch,how cold ice cream is,having someone peck me and just say they loved me,
how it feels to have someone rub my back or jump on me when I come back from work.I’ve forgotten myself
Dear diary
Life in Africa ain’t a joke as expected. I wish I never came here in the first place.
Dont blame me but yesterday I had to shoot a kid. just a young boy in his early childhood. He was hungry ,all alone,with no shirt,barefooted looking for his mother i bet.
Startled by the noise in the Bush,mistaked him for a hostile,i released fired,i fired and fired.
I fired not until i saw who it was,moved closer to him as i stood in shock.silence became too loud,echoes within my soul crying and demons celebrating.I saw him gasp for air as he struggled to breath,eyes crying for help as he moved his little fingers to touch my boot.”what have I done?”was all my mind could process.
Cried my eye balls out from dusk till dawn,
My hands trembling and heart racing as I seat on my position praying we abort the mission.
The pain is too much I need someone to talk to,I need a friend,a confidant, one i can share my experience with,i need my wife.I need my wife or else I will lose it.
Dear diary,
sorry but the general is approaching I can’t continue writing, see you next time when I write if I’ll still be alive but incase I don’t make it,Find your way to the arms of my loving wife.
“Signed Chhote_thee_poet”